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WordPress Page Speed Optimization Service

Get better scores on Google Page Speed Insights and improve your Pages’ Web Vitals with professional WordPress Speed Optimization service.

Get better speed

Get better speed and better load time to keep your visitors happy

Get better score

Get better score on any performance test site to keep the search engine happy

Get better conversion

Keep both visitors and search engine happy to acquire more conversions

Why you should care about your site speed (load time) and performance


Slow Websites Drive Visitors Away

Slow websites tend to have bad user experience. Visitors will more likely close the browser tab immediately before the browser has actually finished loading the page if the page load time is slow. Research says, more than half internet users will not wait more than 2 seconds for a page to load.


Improve Google Core Web Vitals scores

Nobody wants a slow sites. Infact, visitors hates it. And so does Google.

That’s why Google introduce their Core Web Vitals, a metrics containing 3 important parameters: LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay), and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift), to ensure every website visitors get a good user experience each time they make a visit.

Those 3 parameters are now has been integrate and shown on the Google Search Console. You can see the reports and may receive warnings if Google think your site needs improvements.


Better ranks in Google

As part of the Google Search Console updates, Google also provide Page Experience reports as one of the new features. It evaluates page experience metrics for individual URLs on your site and will use them as a ranking signal for a URL in Google Search results.

Understand how page experience affects ranking


Higher Conversion Rates

Website speed has a huge impact on website conversion rates. According to by Google, having a well-performed website is not only good for your existing visitors and current situation, but also improve your website SEO for having more and more visitors.

Speed up your WordPress website

Improve your page speed & web vitals

Let me take care of your site performances


$ 299 / page

Remove WordPress bloats, minimize theme and plugin bloats

Ccreate inline critical style in header, remove unused CSS files, purified used CSS files, delay non-critical CSS files on user interaction, load non-critical CSS files asynchronously, inline and preload if needed

Remove unused JS files, delay on user interaction, inline and preload when needed

Create inline @font-face declaration for critical fonts, self-host and preload when needed

Lazy load below the fold images, preload critical images when needed

Simple database optimization when needed

100% Money back guarantee!

The Process

4 steps to make your page load faster


Page Audit

Once I get your inquiry, I will analyse your page thoroughly to identify problems and opportunities. You will get a full report of my findings after I finish the site / page audit.


Staging Creation

To be safe, the process should be done in a staging site, provided by you, preferably in the same hosting environment with the live site.


Optimization Process

While I certainly want to do it as fast as I can, the duration are varies depends on the level of difficulties. The average is about 1-3 working days per page or page type/template.


Deploy Optimization

Optimization will be transfer to the live site if you satisfied with the results.


Unfortunatey, no.


Depends on the difficulties. Our SLA is 1-3 days per page or page-template.

Of course not. But we will give you suggestions if there are room of improvements by changing the design and functionalities to get the page load faster.

Yes I do. I will fully refund your down payment if the results does not satisfy neither of us.

To be safe, the process should be done in a staging site, preferably in the same hosting environment with the live site.

Not more than half an hour. We will also choose the best time to transfer it, based on your suggestions, so that your regular visitors will not notice.

If you only order for 1 page optimization, we can’t guarantee your website will pass the Google Core Web Vitals. The Core Web Vitals represent the summary of the page experience reports of all of your pages. So it will require us to optimize all of your page and page-type/template.

I require an upfront payment of 50% to start the project. Once it’s final, you can pay the remaining 50% to enable me to transfer the optimization to the live site.

We accept bank transfer using Wise.

Let’s work together

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