About Me

Traveler and Web Development Enthusiast

I’m a big fan of both.

I built tour agency years ago and started new startup that focuses on Website Development named ThinkWeb since the pandemic starts.

I love to code and develop website. It all started when I needed to build my own company website (the tour agency) about 10 years ago. I decided to build it myself. I use the Beans Framework, developed by Thierry Muller for that first website. Thanks to Thierry and the helpful community, my knowledge and skills has grown so much since then.

I love website that loads fast. I spent so much time strengthening my skills and knowledge on website speed. That’s why all the websites that I created always load fast and passed the Google Core Web Vitals.

I develop my own plugin to speed up WordPress sites. A lightweight (around 200kb zipped) but yet powerful plugin which capable of doing most of the optimization work. I shared some of the plugin features in separate plugins which you can download for free in the WordPress plugin repository. Check them out.

English is not my native language. So forgive me if you found any incorrect grammar or spellings in the articles that I wrote ☃